In the competitive world of luxury real estate, high-impact copywriting is a thoughtful balance of lyrical prose and strategic content. Possibly in reverse order, because it takes more than a pretty phrase to move the needle and connect powerfully with your most valuable audience. In order to grab their interest, close the sale, book the room, or rent the apartment, you need to deliver information that matters to your target in a style that engages them. It really is all about them.

I’ve been writing copy for luxury properties for more than a decade, and one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in that time is the value of a thorough up-front briefing about target audiences and the products my clients want to sell to them. Before I write a word, these are the core questions I ask. If my client has thought-out answers, fantastic. If not, we work through these building blocks together.

What is your property’s brand positioning?

  • Is it elegant, chic, traditional, a trendsetter, a timeless classic, or something else?

  • What is its positioning relative to the competitive set? Are there any ways in which is it the first, most, best, only, or last of its kind?

Who is your target audience?

  • This is a distillation of the demographics and psychographics of the buyer who will most value what you have to offer – it is a caricature in some ways. Answers help guide both the tone of voice and the content that should be emphasized.

  • How old are they? Are they single, married, first-time-homebuyers, empty-nesters, hipsters? Are they old money, nouveau riche, or self-made?

  • Perhaps most importantly: what do they value and covet? Service, elite design, freedom, tranquility, excitement, recognition, anonymity?

Which properties are your top competitors?

  • What do they have that you don’t?

  • Bear in mind that in some cases the competition goes beyond properties in the local area. For example: people living in the northeastern US and searching for a second home in a warm climate may look in South Florida as well as the Caribbean.

What differentiates you from your competition?

  • What do you have, do, and offer that no one else does, has, or offers?

  • Maybe you have (do, offer) the same things, but yours are qualitatively or stylistically different … how are they different? (bigger pool, more experienced concierge, cooler rooftop terrace)

Answers to these questions create direction and clarity – always the perfect place to start anything. They make it possible to build a powerful story that will capture the attention you need from the clients you want.