About The Gallery

I originally planned for this blog to be a place where I offer insights about the importance of strong copywriting in marketing materials, and tips for writing compelling copy. I may still do that. But in the meantime, I'm exploring how images, language, and feeling interact in my mind and influence my copywriting.

Visuals and direct experiences have always had a profound impact on my copywriting (especially for real estate and hospitality). While I read a lot of background information and do a lot of online research about the history, design, materiality, and location of each of my projects, it is most often a visual experience that helps me find the right language and tone of voice (and, sometimes, interviewing clients, but that's another topic). I get tremendous value from walking a property, talking to design and development teams, touching selected materials, and experiencing views.

I'm not alone in being powerfully influenced by imagery. Graphic design, photography, and architectural renderings are the foundation of impactful marketing materials because virtually everyone has an instinctive response to visual beauty (we are born with it - also another topic). When a website landing page or brochure cover is beautiful, people are drawn in. That moment of attention opens the opportunity to tell your story in words, which is where my work as a copywriter begins.

The photos in my blog are mine, and I am an amateur. I love taking pictures and then looking at (some of) them over and over again. Maybe it's the memories of seeing that leopard stalk his prey, baking biscotti in my mother's kitchen, or picking up a sea-worn shell on a remote beach that inspire me. Maybe it's the images themselves - my clever composition or actually getting the exposure right for once. Sometimes it is framing the work of a great artist, architect, or designer from my own perspective.

I don't actually need to know why I like taking and looking at pictures. But it's an interesting thing to think about, and fun to share.

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